Eikaiwa For Sale  (¥4,000,000)

Are you already living in Japan? Are you interested in starting your own Eikaiwa in Kumamoto Kyushu?

I have the building/playground/parking, equipment, curriculum, lesson schedule (evenings only), can provide training and will recommend 200+ of my current students to enroll in your new school. This is a great chance to kick start your new school.

The right person will need to:
be able to make a commitment before the end of this year
be able to relocate to Kumamoto in early January 2022
be able to join our classes to meet your prospective students as much as you want during January to March 2022
be able to start your school from the beginning of April 2022
already have the required work visa or residency
be a native of USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand
be able to speak Japanese
be able to afford the necessary costs to open and run your own school and accommodation (rent, utilities, etc.)
be able to choose a name for your new school
be willing to offer our current students the same schedule, pricing, etc. for at least the first year at your new school
be friendly, outgoing, active and love children

If that sound like you, please read on.

We are currently trading as Tanoshi Eikaiwa Ltd (Yugen Gaisha) and due to the owner's early retirement we are looking for someone, who meets ALL the requirements above, to continue renting the same building (which we own) and continue on with our current lessons and students. The company is not for sale and will no longer be trading. You will need to decide on your own name and follow our current schedule and pricing for at least the first year. We are offering you the chance to join our lessons throughout January - March 2022 and then continue on yourself in April 2022 with as many of our 200+ students as possible. We usually have a drop in student numbers (20 - 30 students) at the end of each school year, due to some going to cram schools, mismatching schedules or family relocation, but regain our numbers by the summer. We have maintained student numbers of 180+for the past 25 years. We are confident that if you spend the time getting to know the students along side me, you will only experience the same student drop off at the end of March. The area around our current location is a fast growing new residential area with a new combined elementary & junior high school opening earlier this year. Every morning and afternoon we have 600+ students walking past our school and there are a number of new kindergartens that have been built in the past year. The only advertising we use are the signs facing the crossroad on all four corners of the property. We do not have a webpage for promotion or use social media. We are currently only open in the evenings on Tuesdays to Fridays and the afternoon/evening on Saturdays. By extending the opening hours, creating a webpage and using social media, there is unlimited potential to expand an already successful business.

Current Teacher’s Schedule
Tuesday 16:25-21:05 (4h40m)
Wednesday 17:20-21:05 (3h45m)
Thursday 17:20-21:05 (3h45m)
Friday 17:20-21:05 (3h45m)
Saturday 14:35-21:05 (6h30m)
Preparation (3h.30min)
Total 22.5 hours/week

Current Pricing


Current Annual Income (April 2021)
Annual Fee ¥1,227,000 / yearly received in April Material Fee ¥356,400 / yearly received in April Total ¥1,583,400

Monthly Income
Current 204 students ¥804,1001 monthly
(We have maintained student number over 180 students for over 25 years)

Current Monthly Costs
Owner/Teacher Salary ¥250,000 (for 22.5 hours work)
Assistant Salary ¥140,000 (for 28 hours work)
Property Rental ¥260,000 (building, outdoor education space, 15 car spaces)
Copy Machine Lease ¥10,000
Copying ¥8,511

Electricity ¥23,963
Water ¥1,700
Gas ¥1,650
Telephone/internet ¥4,200
TOTAL Monthly Cost ¥700,024

Current Rental Property (Manaberu Hiroba - an educational space for learning)


Address: 2000-42 Toyooka Koshi City Kumamoto Prefecture 861-1331
Size: Building 150m2 + Outdoor Education Space 285m2 + 15 Car Spaces
Monthly Rental Fee: ¥260,000 + utilities


Outdoor Education Space


Main Classroom


Second Classroom


Computer Room


Restrooms (2 male / 2 female) and Waiting Area



Contact Us


Thank you for taking the time to read the above information.
Simon Clements
(Owner of Tanoshi Eikaiwa Ltd)

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